7:30am  19x17  sold
Albuquerque Trees  18x12  sold
Lorimer Morning   25x15  sold
Cool Shadows on a Hot Day  18x10  available
Nottingham Park  18x12  sold
The Garden  18x12  sold
First Snow  12x14  available
The Buttonwood  12x12  available
Cool Water 12x18  sold
Headwaters 6x9 sold
The Old Red House  15x19 available
Wildflowers  9x12 sold
Farmhouse 12x18 available
Jamie's Place 12x18 available
The Meadow 12x18 sold
Valley Creek  9x12  sold
The Woods  11x14  available
Crows Nest 12x12 available
10x24, available
Frozen Eyelashes
12x16, sold
Clip Clop 18x24 available
Reverie 8x10 available
Yellowstone 24x36 available
Snowy Night  13x13  sold
North Whiteoak Street  18x12  sold
The Strand  18x12  sold
Purina Chows  13x14  available
South Whiteoak Street  11x17  sold
Weigle Brothers' Mill  18x12  available
It's Too Early  11-1/2x11-1/2 sold
Cobblestones 9x12 sold
Riverwalk 8x12 sold
The Fire Hydrant 12x12 available
601 Walnut 12x18 sold
A Side Street  12x16  sold
Eating Out 12x16 available
3rd & Bridge 12x16 available
20x15, available
Hangin' Out on Central Avenue 12x20 available
The Alley 12x16 available
The Late Show 12x16 sold
The Big Urn 12x12 available
Aubrey  12x10  sold
Max  12x12  sold
Nik  12x18  available
Sleeping Cat  18x12  sold
Happy Cat  18x12  available
Banks 24x36 sold
All Curled Up 12x12 available
Chat Noir  12 x 16 sold
The Three Stooges 6x6 available
Cat Eyes 11x14
Sandra Sigley, Fine Artist